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TicketDesk 2.0 MVC - Alpha Demo

Sep 3, 2009 at 5:17 AM

I've put a demo of the TicketDesk 2.0 MVC (alpha) application online. It is just an alpha release, so don't expect it to be pretty... or to work very well yet.

This stuff is still very early in development, so I am not ready to check it into source control here yet.  

More info in this post.

Oct 5, 2009 at 4:10 AM

I've updated the alpha site. The new version includes significant improvements in both visual appearance and UI behavior. Hopefully it will be more pleasant to look at at least, and most of what is available now works correctly too :)

The project is progressing pretty quickly now. I expect to be able to roll the project over to beta within a month or so. Sometime after it is in a stable beta state I'll be checking it into source control here.  

Oct 13, 2009 at 1:42 PM

Stephen.  Tried the alpha site.  I think users will love the layout more. I know I do.  I really want to see the Admin interface though.  Although we ALL appreciate your hard work and effort can I suggest you also add the ability to modify all aspects of a users account. Such as lock outs.  resetting password errors back to 0?

 Another alternate I wouldnt mind seeing is a quick close button that will close the ticket without the need for comment.  Sometime you have either a double ticket get created by a user or someone who solves there own problem right after submitting ticket when they shouldnt have yet and they just need to close it out without really having anything to say about it.

Oct 13, 2009 at 9:45 PM

The admin tools are one of the few TicketDesk 2.0 functional areas that do have significant planned enhancements. The timing of  your request is interesting... I just implemented the skeleton for some of these controllers a couple of days ago :o

Here is the short list for the admin features I'm planning. None of these are final and I may move any of them to a later version. 

User Preferences:

  1. Display Name (also option to customize display name for AD users)
  2. Change Password
  3. Editor Options (auto-open preview, editor type if allowed (see below))
  4. Email Delivery Type (plain/HTML)
  5. Ticket Center List Editor (may not make it for the 2.0 cut)

Site Settings

Enable Priority Field
Allow Submitters to Edit/Set Priority
Require Submitters to Edit/Set Priority on create
Require Staff to Edit/Set Priority
Allow Staff To Create On Behalf of Submitters 
Allow Staff To Take over other user's tickets
Allow Staff To Reassign Tickets
Allow Staff To Reassign Tickets not assigned to them (default false)
Allow Staff To Give Up Tickets (To disable, reassign is required)
Allow Submitters to Re-Open Tickets
Allow Submitters to change owner (default to false)
Allow Submitter to force close tickets
Enable tagging
Allow Submitters to tag
Require Submitters to tag on create
Require Staff to tag before resolve
Enable Attachments


  1. Enable Priority Field
  2. Allow Submitters to Edit/Set Priority
  3. Require Submitters to Edit/Set Priority on create
  4. Require Staff to Edit/Set Priority
  5. Allow Staff To Create On Behalf of Submitters 
  6. Allow Staff To Take over other user's tickets
  7. Allow Staff To Reassign Tickets
  8. Allow Staff To Reassign Tickets not assigned to them (default false)
  9. Allow Staff To Give Up Tickets (To disable, reassign is required)
  10. Allow Submitters to Re-Open Tickets
  11. Allow Submitters to change owner (default to false)
  12. Allow Submitter to force close tickets
  13. Enable tagging
  14. Allow Submitters to tag
  15. Require Submitters to tag on create
  16. Require Staff to tag before resolve
  17. Enable Attachments
  18. Customize Date Format
  19. *** Move most of current web.config settings into this area ***

Email and Notifications

  1. Move web.config email settings to admin tools
  2. Email Template Editor
    • HTML Template
    • Plain Text Template
  3. Email Notifications Queue Viewer
    • Cancel Pending Notification
    • Resend Notification

** a lot of this is in prep for future "additional subscribers" and "Ticket Contributers" features **

Event Logs

  1. ELMAH error log viewer

Security Management

  1. User Manager (SQL Membership Only)
    • Full CRUD for user accounts
    • Modify Membership State (lockout, enabled)
    • Assign User to Roles
  2. Role Manager
    • CRUD for roles
    • View/Assign/remove user role associations
    • For AD sites, map roles to AD groups
  3. Permissions Manager (may not make it for the 2.x cut)
    • Change existing TD permissions (staff, admin, submitter) to granular permission types
      -- The below is still fuzzy in design, I need to consolidate these to a simpler list 
      • Staff Splits To
        • Can Be Assigned Tickets
        • Can Reassign Tickets
        • Can Force Close Tickets
        • Can Request Info
        • Can Resolve Tickets
        • Can Edit Assigned Ticket
        • Can Tag Tickets
      • Submitter Splits To
        • Can Create Ticket
        • Can Edit Own Ticket
        • Can Comment on Any Ticket
        • Can Comment on Own Ticket
        • Can View Any Ticket
        • Can ReOpen Own Ticket
        • Can ReOpen Any Ticket
      • Admin Splits To
        • Can manage site settings
        • Can manage security
    • Assign permissions individually to roles  

      ** A lot of this is in preperation for later escalations and anonymous user submitted tickets ** 


Workflow Customizations

  1. Enable More Info
  2. Enable Resolved State
    • Staff gets "resolve" activity which toggles ticket to closed status.
    • Submitters get "close" activity which functions same as close.

Untrusted Submitters

  1. Allow Submitters to view/search other user's tickets
  2. Allow Submitters to comment on other user's tickets



  1. Enabled Editor Types  (plain/markdown/html)
  2. Staff Default Editor
  3. Submitter Default Editor
  4. Allow staff to choose editor
  5. Allow submitter to choose editor
  6. Markdown Options
    • Sanitize HTML tags for staff
    • Sanitize HTML tags for submitters
    • Sanitize Settings for staff
    • Sanitize Settings for submitters


This may not be a complete list

Oct 13, 2009 at 9:57 PM

One of the areas I haven't designed fully yet is the handling for comments and activity events. I have plans to allow customization of event text. These are defined as constants in the model now, but use regex replacement patterns... in short, the strings are just waiting to be moved either to localization files or to admin settings. I just have to decide which. 

As for comments, I am considering if I want to make the required comment flag for ALL of the activities admin editable or not. But the burden of the current required fields is quite small so it will come down to how much trouble it is to implement in 2.0. But I'm pretty sure if it doesn't make 2.0 it will make 2.1 or 2.2.

One of the workflow areas I'm looking at (for 2.1 or later) is alternate flows for handling duplicates and obsolete issues. But I want to hold off on that until I further research the requests related to having a formally defined "traffic cop" or "routing supervisor" role for new tickets (and ticket escalations).  

Oct 21, 2009 at 6:55 PM


The 2.0 alpha looks really good so far...  If I could put in one feature request?  (If this isn't the place, let me know where is... :)  )

Could you improve the AD integration such that you support more than one domain?   Or, at the very least, allow the application to connect to the Global Catalog so it can look up all users in the forest correctly?

Oct 22, 2009 at 3:14 AM

I'll be honest, I am not that good with AD stuff. I'll do some more research, but I've found that useful documentation on talking to AD is very hard to find. Can you provide code or a link that explains better how to do that? I can probably allow you to specify more than one domain by name, but none of the query stuff I've seen shows a way to dynamically query a forest without your code knowing in advance the specific pats all of the member domains you are interested in. I'll be able to do something here, but I'm not sure how elegant it will be :P

Jan 28, 2010 at 2:05 PM

Any updates on this - I need to deploy something like this into medium trust.

Jan 28, 2010 at 10:16 PM

TicketDesk 2.0 is still in alpha. I've slowed down work on it a bit while I wait for the RC bits for VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 to drop. I have gotten to the point where several key remaining features will be dependent on the newer frameworks but in areas that aren't quite stable yet... no sense putting a lot of time into features just to have to rework them in a month or two when the new framework drops.

I'm expecting a stable TicketDesk 2.0 public version in late spring or early summer, but don't take that as a firm commitment... I gotz a regular day job :)  

Feb 1, 2010 at 11:22 AM

An update on Medium Trust. It seems that MS has deprecated code access security in .NET 4.0 and substantially overhauled the way trust levels in work. I'm still early in my evaluation of all these changes, and the RC and RTM are likely to add a few tweaks to the new security model.

So far, it looks like the changes may allow TicketDesk to do most of what it needs without requiring any elevated privileges. I am not 100% sure, but if that is the case I'll probably release an updated version of TicketDesk 1.x for the .NET 4.0 framework as soon as the RC version is available.

I'll keep everyone posted when I know more.