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Ticket query links

Feb 20, 2009 at 6:57 PM
When i add a new user, and then login as an admin to change their permissions, the only ticket query links available to them are:
All My Tickets
All Open Tickets
Ticket History

Admin has:
Unassigned Tickets
Tickets Assigned To Me
All My Tickets
All Open Tickets
Ticket History

Another user has: (note the last link)
All My Tickets
All Open Tickets
Ticket History

Can you please advise if this is an issue or i am doing something wrong in the site setup.

Many Thanks
Feb 20, 2009 at 8:09 PM
The default views generated for users has evolved over time a little. I suspect that you have been incrementally updating your ticketdesk install from the check-ins to source control on codeplex. 

Here is how it is supposed to work:

When a user first visits TicketCenter, the system checks to see if their profile data contains settings for the list views. If not, it will generate a default set of views based on the user's roles.  

all users get:
  • All My Tickets
  • All Open TIckets
  • Ticket History

Help Desk Staff will also get:
  • Unassigned Tickets
  • Tickets Assigned to Me
(The "Unsassigned Tickets" view is functionally a ticket queue showing the new tickets that need to be assigned. Tickets Assigned to Me is only applicable to help desk staff users. So neither of these are given to people in just the submitter role).  

Admin users used to be treated like help desk staff users, but I've been removing that special privledge from the code based on user feedback. In most respects admin users don't get any special treatment anymore unless they are also members of one or both of the other roles too. Users that are ONLY admin users can pretty much just use the admin section, but they can't do much else. 

Your other user that has the "unassigned" view at the end of their ticket list... this is either a really bizzare bug, or you've been incrementally upgrading your ticketdesk installation from source control. Back a few months ago when I was first getting the new TicketCenter put together, I had checked in code that created these views a little differently and named them differently. I suspect that this particular user was just created back when you were on an older release of TicketDesk that used diffrent view settings.

The default views are generated only once for each user when that user first logs in and visits TicketCenter. The information about their available view settings is stored in the user's profile (aspnet_profiles) table. 

If you need to regenerate the views for users, just delete everything from this table and let the system re-build their default views next time they visit ticketcenter.

In the 1.3 release, I will be providing "custom views" where users can reconfigure their available views in Ticket Center and create new ones. I am also planning to allow for a custom selection of columns for each view too.  I just wasn't quite ready to tackle that feature set in time for the 1.2 release. 
Feb 20, 2009 at 9:50 PM
Edited Feb 20, 2009 at 10:13 PM
First publish is from 1.2.1 source
Deleting the data from the profile table has sorted things out, the user then gets correct links. But the issue seems to be, creating new users.
When the create user button is clicked, they are then directed to the Ticket centre thus creating their default views as a submitter only. How can a staff user be created to recieve the correct views?
Feb 20, 2009 at 10:15 PM
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