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Hi, How do you assign a ticket automatically to a specific person, so that he/she will get the email notification


StephenRedd wrote Nov 18, 2015 at 2:50 PM

Is this TD 2.1 or TD 2.5? In both versions, tickets are not generally assigned automatically unless the creator of the ticket is a helpdesk level user, and picks the assigned to user during ticket creation.

TD 2.5's new ticket broadcast notifications aren't implemented yet, but it will have an option to allow you to specify that new ticket notifications should go to specific email addresses (instead of to all helpdesk staff users). The tickets would still be unassigned, but you will have much more control over who receives the broadcast notifications when the new ticket is created. I plan to support these cases: Send the notification to all help desk staff, send the notification to a list of named users, send to a list of custom email addresses.

LouisSchoeman wrote Nov 18, 2015 at 4:04 PM

Hi Stephen,

I am using TD 2.1, base on your reply that this will be part of TD 2.5, when will TD 2.5 be available in production.

Few other questions, 1. Will it be more customizable I.e own logo, Windows AD authentication.

I have also noticed in TD 2.1 once you set the do not show "Hide Home Page" shows again when you log off.

StephenRedd wrote Nov 19, 2015 at 3:11 PM

TD 2.5 is still a couple months from final form, assuming my day job slacks off (which I do expect to happen).

As a source code project, I think we already have great customizability overall! We haven't planned to add a WYSIWYG page designer or anything; but you can manage simple things like logos and colors just by editing the CSS files. I do plan to have a logo uploader in admin, and eventually we'll add additional minor customization options.

You will be interested in reading the roadmap.

TD 2.6 will add a completely new authentication system (probably based on Thinktecture Identity Server). This will not exactly offer direct be integration with AD, I don't plan to ever do that again, but it will give you the ability to integrate with AD indirectly though ADFS or Azure AD federated scenarios.

Though ticketdesk has been delayed a few months, the actual reason for the delay is that I'm up to my eyeballs in a massive Identity Server project right now. While that has stalled TD 2.5 development, it will at least give me a jumpstart on TD 2.6.