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What's New:

TicketDesk 2.1

This is a refresh update of TicketDesk 2.0 for compatibility with latest Microsoft frameworks. There are no new user-facing features in this release. This version contains the minimum changes necessary to target .Net 4.5 and the MVC 4 framework. The source code has been updated to support Visual Studio 2012.

TicketDesk 2.0

This initial release of TicketDesk 2.0 is not about adding a lot of new features to the system; instead the focus was on re-writing the old system on newer Microsoft technology platforms. There have been numerous improvements and enhancements throughout the entire system during the re-write, but no major new features.

New or Enhanced:

  • Ticket Search powered by Lucene.NET: The new search features uses text indexing powered by Lucene.NET to allow for simple "Google-style" searches of the entire ticket history.
  • New Attachment Uploader: The new attachment uploader is a non-flash based mechanism. The system still allows multiple uploads, but with a much-improved user interface.
  • Email Notification System: The email notification system has been modified to allow for more customizable content templates. Also, the new system includes both plain text and HTML bodies. The system also allows you to use an Outlook optimized HTML template for shops that rely on Microsoft Outlook clients (Outlook has only limited support for HTML formatting).
  • System Configuration Settings: The majority of the system's configuration settings are now stored in the database, and managed via an admin tool.
  • AD Performance: The new TicketDesk performs much better overall than the previous versions did, but this is especially true for Active Directory environments. TicketDesk now includes a very aggressive caching mechanism that eliminates the need for the system to query AD in real-time during a user request.
  • Improved cross-browser compatibility: TicketDesk is now more friendly towards multiple browsers than ever.
  • Sorting Enhancements: TicketCenter now has a more intuitive sorting mechanism that allows for either simple single column sorts or multiple column sorting without the need for a special pop-out configuration tool. Click a column to sort or change the sort direction, ctrl+click to add or remove columns from the sort. The columns will display a number to indicate the column's sort order, and an arrow to indicate the sort direction.

Removed & Missing Features:

  • TicketDesk 2.0 no longer provides RSS feeds. This will be re-implemented in a future version.
  • TicketDesk 2.0 does not have an "advanced search/filter" feature. This will be re-implemented in a future version.

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