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TicketDesk 2.1 - Upgrading from TicketDesk 1.x

TicketDesk 1.2.x can be upgraded to TicketDesk 2.1 as long as your web server has IIS 7 or higher and the .NET framework 4.5 installed.

Upgrades from TicketDesk versions prior to 1.2 are not directly supported. If you want to upgrade an older version of TicketDesk, you must fist download the latest version of TicketDesk 1.2 (currently 1.2.3) from codeplex then run the database upgrade scripts from that distribution. Once your database is updated to 1.2, you can upgrade to 2.1 using these instructions.

Before you begin:

  • Backup your TicketDesk databases.
  • Backup the files in your TicketDesk 1.2.x web site.

Upgrading the Web Site:

  • Configure your IIS web site or virtual directory to use an application pool that supports the .NET Framework 4.0 with the Integrated Mode Pipeline.
  • Replace all non-database files in your web site with the files from the TicketDesk 2.1 distribution. IMPORTANT, if you were using the SQL Express database in the app_data folder in TicketDesk 1.2.x, then DO NOT replace it with the database files from the 2.1 distribution!!!
  • If using Active Directory security, replace the contents of the web.config file with the contents of the ADWeb.Config file. Configure the web.config app settings for your AD envrionment; more information can be found in the Configuration & Settings section.
  • Modify the connection strings in web.config to point to your old TicketDesk 1.2.x databases as appropriate. More information about these settings can be found in the Configuration & Settings section.

Upgrading the Database:

Run the script found in app_data/UpgradeScripts against your main ticketdesk database.

If you were using a seperate database for security objects, no changes are needed for the security database. TicketDesk 2.1 can use the existing security database from 1.2.x.

Configure Email Settings

TicketDesk still uses web.config for the email delivery settings. A typical setup for email using a locally installed SMTP agent would look like this:
<smtp deliveryMethod="Network">
<network host="localhost" port="25" defaultCredentials="true"/>

Configure TicketDesk 2.1 Application Settings:

In TicketDesk 1.2.x most of the application settings were stored directly in the web.config file in the appSettings section. TicketDesk 2.1 has moved most of these settings into the database, and the values can be edited using the online admin tools built-into TicketDesk 2.1.

Once you've upgraded the web site and database, login to TicketDesk 2.1, go to the admin section, then go into the "Change Application Settings" section. Make the appropriate changes to the application settings as necessary for your environment (you can get most of them from your old TicketDesk 1.2.x web.config file).

More information on the configuration settings can be found in the Configuration & Settings section.

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