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Urgent: Escalations?

Jun 4, 2009 at 2:43 PM


Looks like a good project - I completely agree with the philosophy of keeping things simple and efficient. A couple of things I need though -

1. does TicketDesk have the ability to do automatic escalations on tickets if they're unattended for a certain amount of time? If not, is the project simple enough for another developer to add it in easily?

2. can attachments be added to tickets?

Thanks - hope you can respond asap since I need to get a suitable system for my company very soon.

Jun 4, 2009 at 3:13 PM

As just a user of this project.  2. Can attachments be added. Yes.  This is already built in.

Is it simple to develop around?  As a VERY novice developer that sort of hen pecks around my own simple issues. Yes.. Its very simple to edit.

Jun 4, 2009 at 9:06 PM

First, dibblm is right on.

Escalations are not part of the current design, but they could probably be added to the source as a customization without much trouble. I'm not the best person to say if it is "easy" since I wrote most of the code... everything is "easy" for the guy that wrote the app, but I did try my best to keep the code clean, simplistic, and relativly well organized specifically so it would be easy for other programmers to work with. 

Attachment support is included, though the uploader is simplistic and assume you aren't attaching huge files. 

For more on Escalations, please refer to the work item on this topic. There you will find a previous discussion between myself and hthree who also desired escalations. hthree was kind enough to also provide a proposed specification for how such a system might work. I am seriously considering implementing the system as described, but just haven't had the spare time to design the admin UI for it yet.

If you have time, please feel free to review the work item and add your own suggestions of observations to it.

I do ask that you keep in mind that any rules or escalations type system we implement will llikely be done within the following philosophical guidelines:

  • TicketDesk will not implement an internal awareness of departmental heirarchy or rank. For example, it will not codify a difference between features or behavior that applies to level 1 support users vs. those that apply to people working in level 2 support. It will also not have an awareness of manager vs. employee.  
    The idea here is that the system will treat all people on the help desk as "professionals" who are assumed to be mature, responsible, and competent in thier ability to do their jobs. Thus, all members of the help desk are assumed to be equal from the system's point of view. Any beurocracy within the organization that is using ticketdesk should be handled by the operating policies of the company and the established business processes defined. TicketDesk itself is not going to be a "rules cop" to automagically enforce political rules based on your company's organization chart.    
  • TicketDesk will not have a customizable rules based workflow. While future versions may allow some options for the admin to control the workflow steps to some degree, those options will apply system-wide to all tickets once defined. Rules based workflow is a very complicated mess both from a programming point of view as well as from an administrative angle. In most cases it is just an unnecessary administrative burdon that doesn't really advance the baseic mission of an issue tracker, but it does add a LOT of potential for bugs.
    While there can be a rules based automation system, those rules must not complicate the standard workflow nor be allowed to create an alternate workflow due to "special circumstances".