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TicketDesk Has Converted to Mercurial Source Control

Sep 9, 2011 at 8:33 AM

TicketDesk is now using Mercurial for source control instead of Team Foundation Server.

The conversion, performed by CodePlex support, has not been the smoothest experience. Part of the problem is that I split the project into two branches in team system, one for 1.x and one for 2.x; which caused a bit of an issue since mercurial branches do not behave at all like TFS branches (thankfully). Anyway, they managed to keep the history (mostly) for the TicketDesk 2.x branch back to the point where I'd split the two branches from the original source branch. They basically just didn't keep any history from the 1.x branch after the split; so I had to manually re-add the files from the 1.x branch after the conversion. There was some loss of version history on the 1x branch files, though I do not believe this will cause anyone any pain.

The current tip revision should contain the latest version of both 1x and 2x files. .

I will not be maintaining separate named branches in the mercurial repository for the two versions going forward, each product will simply inhabit their own sub-folder within the same repository (for simplicity, especially since changes in 1.x are very rare these days).